Pen smudging the stories
As that ink spatters the pain
Those words decipher all your worries
While the paper absorbs all your struggle and stain
And as the poem pours out that scuffling tale of vain out of the chalice
The readers sip on it grieving it’s plot, the essence of it sustains

The woods are calling your name
The leaves are shedding their worries and pain
The roots slithering through the soil you claim
The wind hooting through those tall steady cane
That meek silence caped under that dense rain
Mother nature holds its beauty upon its veil.

Buying a new Smartphone for yourself? Or gifting it to someone well it seems pretty easy as people say just squander through flipkart, amazon or any other ecommerce websites you will find it! But as you go through websites overwhelmed with all the brand availability and their ratings, it’s all…

Finishing up his last drag of cigarette

He tore off the pictures he cuddled with

Reasons he seeks pale half of him sulking wallow

With people teasing him “why so grumpy” I guess he has some mental trauma said one junior passing by him along the shady alley , where…

ashish kumar

an aspiring writer and poet, Knitting the words pouring down the best side of me

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